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School Development Plan


Summary of Webheath School Development Plan:


Key Priority 

Impact of pandemic on pupils and staff and outcomes due to lockdowns and the focus on meeting COVID regulations from March 2020

  1. Recovery plan  

Outcome from own audit post lockdowns and Ofsted Feb 2020.  Negative impact of lockdowns upon writing outcomes whole school 

Phonics and reading to be extended and embedded.  Approach to reading and Early reading as highlighted on Ofsted and to meet framework for reading:  https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/the-reading-framework-teaching-the-foundations-of-literacy 


  1. English 

Changes to own pedagogical approach started 2018 – Drama based approach to teaching 

  1. Embed and continue development of Dilemma led learning 

Difference of subject strengths and teacher skill set to deliver breadth and balance of our ambitious curriculum

  1. Non-core foundation subjects recovery plan in place to ensure all subjects meet criteria for ‘good’ or better in three years' time demonstarting strong intent, implementation and impact

Embed the return of Senior Leader and new post of Assistant Head as school is working at full capacity 

  1. Leadership – distributed leadership with clear accountability and expectations to ensure capacity to lead the school and ensure best outcomes for pupils

New EYFS framework and 1 year to roll out to create our new EYFS curriculum.  EYFS outcomes and negative impact of lockdowns on current pupils.


  1. EYFS – roll out of new EYFS framework and embed the use of Development Matters 

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