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Our School Values

Responsibility - We look after ourselves, our school and all the equipment.

Listeners - We listen carefully and do as we are asked the first time.

Respect - We are polite and show good manners.

Kindness - We only use kind hands and words.

Learners - We work hard and try our best.

Honesty - We always tell the truth. 


Whole School Approach

The posters below are displayed in all classrooms around the school. All children and staff know how we celebrate positive behaviour and the steps we take to monitor and improve behaviour when needed. 

Positive Behaviour Code

We are keen to ensure that our six school values are fully embedded and are at the heart of everything we do. To support this, the children receive house points in the form of electronic ‘class dojos’ when they show a behaviour that demonstrates one of the values. ‘Milestone’ awards are presented to children in classrooms and in celebration assemblies when they reach house point targets. We celebrate house ‘team effort’ in celebration assemblies as well as the individual rewards. 

Each week, we hold a High Fliers celebration assembly. Each class teachers chooses a 'High Flier' who has demonstrated a particular value or positive attribute. We invite families of our weekly High Fliers to join us in assembly on a Friday afternoon to celebrate. 

We choose 'Always' childen each half term to take part in an special 'High Tea' with the Senior Leadership Team. These children are chosen by staff in school for always following our school values and being excellent role models to our school community.

Behaviour Monitoring

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