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Welcome to Year 4

In Year 4, we have 4EC and 4LC.

4EC - Miss Clifton

4LC - Miss Child

Children in Year 4 are fortunate to be supported by Mrs Allen and Mrs Osbourne. 

Autumn term

We welcome the children back to school with an exciting story, 'The incredible book-eating boy' by the talented author, Oliver Jeffers. 

Whilst we haven't had any book-eating pupils in Year 4 (thankfully), the children have enjoyed reading various books and discussing their purposes. We are all really excited to write our own innovated version of this fun story as the term progresses. 

Within this topic, we consider the question, 'What happens to our lunch once we have eaten in?'

We learn about key organs in the digestive system and identify their functions. We also learn how to create digital media artwork. 


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