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Special Educational Needs (SEND)


Our school provides for all children with or without Special Educational Needs whether of a physical, emotional, social or educational nature; along with children who are regarded as gifted or talented in a specific area.  Our Special Education Needs and Disability Co-ordinator, Mrs Woodward,  takes lead responsibility for co-ordinating the children’s special needs or talents; working with the child's teacher, support assistants, parents and out of school specialist advisers to ensure that every child’s needs are met.

Both able bodied and children with physical disabilities are welcome at Webheath. Parents should discuss their child’s particular needs with the Headteacher or SENCo prior to applying for admission. The majority of the school building is wheelchair friendly.  The school has a purpose built and equipped Bathroom Management Area (BMA) which is used to meet any special medical needs.

The Code of Practice for Special Needs has been implemented and the Worcestershire Guidelines are followed on the identification, assessment and provision for Special Educational Needs and Gifted & Talented.

As part of normal classroom practice,children are continuously observed and assessed.  When additional support is required, a referral is made to the school's Special Educational Needs & Disability Co-ordinator [SENDCo].  An Individual Provision Map, which contains personal targets and goals, is written. Parents are closely involved in our provision for SEND and Gifted & Talented and are actively encouraged to support their child’s education programme and development. The school encourages communication and cooperation between all those involved i.e. pupils, parents, teachers and other agencies, such as:

  • School Health Authority
  • Educational Psychologist
  • Learning Support
  • Complex Communication Needs Team 
  • The Service for Children with Sensory Impairment.
  • Gifted & Talented Advisers & Providers

Use the link below to view our Special Educational Needs Disability Information Report:

At Webheath Academy Primary School we want every child to:

  • Be the best that they can be 

  • Improve their independence 

  • Feel valued, included and motivated to learn 

  • Enjoy school 

  • Make academic progress 

  • Experience a range of successes and develop a positive sense of self 


To achieve this

All children receive high quality teaching of a broad and balanced curriculum in an inclusive classroom environment. According to their needs, children will also have access to: 

  • In-class support from teaching assistants 

  • Catch-up programmes in literacy, numeracy , reading and phonics

  • One-to-one or small group work, with a TA or teacher, focused on individual needs 

  • An enhanced curriculum to match individual needs 

  • Access to ICT or specialist equipment 

  • Support with medical or personal needs 

  • Homework support 

  • Pupil mentoring 

  • Special arrangements for tests 

Use the link below to view our Special Educational Needs Disability Information Report:

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